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BURST was born to do one thing:
Transform oral care
as we know it
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We’re here to turn an outdated industry dominated by dinosaurs upside down. Because everybody brushes their teeth, but nobody’s really given us a reason to think twice about it. It’s oral care...minus the care.
As two passionate dental nerds with a knack for never settling, we found this lack of innovation unacceptable.
There were just too many questions without real answers. Questions like:
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Question Mobile
It was time to put on our detective hats and get to the bottom of things.
Let’s solve these mysteries
Let’s solve
these mysteries
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So we turned to the pros for help.

Enter: BURST Ambassadors. This army of clinically trained oral care aficionados is the reason BURST Oral Care is here — the secret sauce to our yummy dental goodness.
What do these incredible folks do?
Concept new features
New Product
Suggest new products
Give on-the-job nuggets of wisdom
Breathe new life into a stale market
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products are born

You see, when a mommy toothbrush has feelings for a daddy toothbrush...wait, that’s not right. But it does all start with the beautiful relationship between us and our faithful Ambassadors.
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Did you know...

Baboons floss!

Studies have suggested that primates regularly floss for hygiene and social purposes. Man, when it comes to oral care, these big boys really aren’t monkeying around!
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