October 8, 2021

Why Does Your Dentist Need To Know About All of Your Medications?

We know what you’re thinking. The load of paperwork all of your medical professionals needs from you is getting heftier over time. It seems repetitive, a bit invasive, and some people even wonder how all of this information is useful to a dental team. However, without a complete and comprehensive medical history, your dentist and their staff could be limited in their ability to treat you safely and effectively. As your healthcare provider, the dental team really just wants to give you the best treatment possible and avoid any hiccups or mishaps. In this episode if BURST tv, Dr. Shaun is here to answer a common question about why he and all other dentists need to know about every one of the over-the-counters and prescriptions you are taking. He will also explain what could happen if you skip over some of the information as well as some common side effects he knows about common medications.