January 8, 2022

Vibration Plate Therapy for the Dental Professional

Have you ever considered the physical pain you may be in from your chosen career before you even begin working in that field? Most of us don’t. For Amy, dental hygiene has been a literal pain in her neck in addition to her shoulder, arm, and especially her elbow. In a recent segment of BURST tv, Amy shared her knowledge and experience with vibration plate therapy as she recently purchased a Lifepro Rumblex Max 4D Vibration Plate.

During the Russian space program, it was discovered that astronauts lose bone density and suffer from bone fractures at a much younger age than other people. In the absence of gravity, muscles atrophy very quickly. Today, NASA is still using vibration therapy to reverse bone loss. Muscles normally contract 1-2 times per second but when you stand on a vibration plate they are contracting between 30-50 times per second. There is still much needed research but if it’s good enough for NASA, Amy considers it good enough for her.

Advocates of vibration plate therapy make these claims: you may lose weight, develop stronger muscles, increase bone mass, increase blood flow, increase flexibility, stimulate lymphatic system, decrease cortisol levels, reduce joint pain, reduce back pain, and boost metabolism.

Most users will simply stand or sit on the vibration plates. However, as Amy was researching the therapy, she realized you really can do more such as light weight arm workouts, planking, and lunges. In addition to this, standing or sitting on your knees will require the user to engage core muscles for balance.

If any of you use a vibration plate, head on over to our YouTube channel linked below and comment what type of plate you use and what type of exercises you do. We’d love to hear your feedback!