June 16, 2020

The BURST Brushing Modes

As if the highest sonic power, the longest lasting battery life and buttery soft charcoal infused bristles wasn’t enough, BURST made sure to give you more choices beyond the color of your brush. Every mouth is different and people simply like options, so let’s talk about the BURST brushing modes.


Our favorite mode is by far is the whitening mode. Using the full plaque blasting power of 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, no germs in the path of those super soft bristles are going to have a chance. As the nylon fibers of the brush head sweep back and forth at a super hero pace, they scrub your teeth clean. To take it even further, the sound waves and vibrations are capable of annihilating bacteria that aren’t even in direct contact with the bristles. Waves of turbulence in the toothpaste and spit in and around your teeth literally break open the cell walls of germs!


For the folks out there that are just delving into the world of powered brushes or for those that have delicate tissue, we also have a sensitive mode option. At 31,000 vibrations per minute, you still get the same power that other brands offer but but you’ll appreciate a more gentle approach. Some of our customers use this mode for the first few weeks until they acclimate and others hang here for good. Either way, as long as you are using the proper technique, you’ll be just fine.


Without a doubt, a nice massage session increases blood flow and relaxes you both mentally and physically. Just think of this as a spa session for your mouth. Our gums would certainly suffer if we failed to keep them clean and stimulated. The third brushing mode on the BURST brush is massage. This option is great for those suffering with inflammation, sore or bleeding gums or people that just like how it feels. Imagine a continuous pulse and pause cycling for an entire two minutes. This options is great getting your gums back into tip top shape.