June 14, 2020

BURST Bristle Basics

The crew at BURST always receives a lot of attention for our black bristles. ‘That’s not what a normal head looks like’, people say. We know… and we like it that way! Today we are going over the BURST bristle basics.

Not Too Hard, Not Too Soft

Go ahead and take a close look at our beautiful brush heads! They are super soft, multi-layered and tapered. The design has one purpose and that is to hug every corner and hiding place that germs seek refuge. We listened to the dental experts in the industry and they consistently told us that hard bristles do not clean teeth better. In fact, medium to hard bristles coupled with aggressive brushing and a gritty toothpaste can actually cause some damage to your teeth. Because the sonic vibrations of BURST brushes do most of the grunt work, we knew a gently approach is how the bristles would best work their magic.

Whiter Teeth with Black Bristles?

Whether you are riding the selfie wagon or not, I’m sure you will agree that a bright photogenic smile has a tremendous positive effect on your self esteem. That was why we introduced a very specific charcoal into the mix. Binchotan charcoal is sources from Japan. It is antibacterial and anti-fungal, and may help to reduce plaque build up as well. Less plaque soaking up stain means a much whiter smile. Charcoal absorbs impurities that lurk on the surface of your teeth that cause those everyday tooth stains…. so yeah, these black beauties actually help keep your teeth whiter.

Better Breath Bristles

Fact: No one wants dragon breath. Our binchotan bristles have an
amazing ability of going after the culprit of bad breath. The super absorbent charcoal extracts those smelly harmful bacteria and their byproducts (like volatile sulfur compounds) that cause that pungent odor that we all prefer to avoid.

Charcoal has the incredible surface area to mass ratio. Just 1 gram of Binchotan charcoal has up to 600 square meters of surface area. Approximately 1.6% of the bristle is made of infused charcoal and the RDA value is only 86 so you don’t have the same concern for abrasivity like you would with some other slurries or powders. (The nerds of the world will appreciate those last couple sentences.) In short this means that it has the incredible ability to attract and hold a huge range of disgusting microbes in your mouth. By infusing it into the bristles, the charcoal is able to collect and absorb potentially harmful substances that live in between your teeth and gums –bacteria, plaque, germs and other vagrant toxins. It ensures the highest level of protection from tooth decay and foul odors.

The Cut to the Bristle Chase

For those of you who don’t like reading and want a good ole’ summary:

  • Charcoal infused PBT nylon bristles
  • Plaque blasting design
  • Super soft and gentle
  • Removes surface stains
  • Helps get rid of bad breath
  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • The brush heads stay germ free