September 30, 2020

The Alzheimers Link to “Gum Disease”

Research is finding that a majority of the chronic diseases that humans are suffering from could actually begin in the mouth. Untreated infection around the teeth, gums and bone in the jaw do not stay in one place. Instead, we know that those harmful bacteria travel into the gut and bloodstream, effectively contributing to disease throughout the rest of the body. Today, Kim is here to provide some insight into how gum disease can be directly linked to alzheimer’s disease.

Dental professionals are in the unique position to be able to detect and even help patients prevent diseases by careful screenings. Although some patients may be resistant to having so many medical questions on the paperwork and having their blood pressure checked, this segment is an important reminded of how being vigilant with these processes can literally save lives.

Let’s give a big thanks to Kim for her dedication to her profession and the patients she cares for and let it remind others in the field to follow suite.