November 8, 2018

Pregnancy Gingivitis: Swollen Gums During Pregnancy

Swollen gums and a sore mouth are a common symptom during pregnancy.  This inflammation of the gums (a.k.a. pregnancy gingivitis) is caused by fluctuating hormones levels.  Couple that with increase blood volume, and your oral health can suffer.

Pregnancy gingivitis can cause your gums to become increasingly sensitive and swollen. Swollen gums harbor more bacteria, and that leads to soreness and bleeding.  This can also increase your chances of tooth decay and can last well after baby is born, especially if you are breastfeeding.


Prevention and a good oral hygiene routines are the key to reducing the chance of getting pregnancy gingivitis and cavities. As a hygienist, I tell all of my patients, “Healthy gums DO NOT bleed”. People often interpret blood as a sign to stop brushing.  However, this isn’t the case when it comes pregnancy gingivitis.  In order to prevent that bacteria from harming your gums, you must get all the bacteria out by brushing, flossing, and massaging the gums.  This will push the bacteria out and in turn reduce the bleeding and inflammation.

The best tool for preventing pregnancy gingivitis is the BURST sonic toothbrush. The 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute massage the gum tissue and move any unnecessary bacteria away from the gums. This helps to reduce the risk of pregnancy gingivitis as well as tooth decay.  

As a personal user of BURST, and a Mom, I can attest that the BURST brush really does help to reduce pregnancy gingivitis related bleeding. Currently I am 5 months pregnant with my second daughter and I have no bleeding, inflammation or sensitivity and I owe that all to my preventative care and my BURST brush. How do I know?  Well, during my pregnancy with my first daughter, 5 years ago, I was not using a BURST brush and I constantly battled sensitive, bleeding, and sore gums. I’m so thankful for BURST because I do not have to worry about bleeding gums thanks to this amazing brush.