August 4, 2021

Six Ways to Brush Your Teeth

Have you ever looked up the question “How do I brush my teeth?”

There are so many random ways people showcase their chompers! In this video, hygienist and BURST Senior Ambassador Amy French reacts to some of our own BURSTtv stars and hygienists re-enacting what we envision our patients doing at home. Watch our editor Charlotte as the “Smile Teeth Only” Brusher and the infamous “Gagger.” Next, we’ll see Marissa with “Alllllll the Toothpaste,” followed by Krismichelle who does a great job as the “Doing Everything but Actually Brushing Brusher,” and the “In Circles, Like my Momma Showed Me” brusher, which clearly leads her down the path to the “Aggressive Brusher,” (We all have issues hahahaha!) Finally, learn how to do it right from Dominic, RDH, starring as the “Perfect Brusher” for the win! We had a great time making this video and we hope you have fun watching it. Life is too short to take everything so seriously.. even brushing!