February 26, 2021

Say No To Backflow With Disposable Oral Valve Evacuation

“Saliva ejector backflow has been proven to potentially occur in an estimated 21-25%, as studied by the University of Montreal in 1998.” If that doesn’t gross you out, let’s have a chat and see what will. The goal of dental suction lines is to keep a clear field, remove all of the excess “gunk” like tooth dust, tartar, blood, spit and other items that are being drilled or scraped away during dental procedures. Mean to be a one way street, something gross can happen when a patient closes their lips around a saliva ejector. The sudden drop in vacuum pressure causes anything in the line to move back toward the patient.

In this segment, Vice President of DOVE Dental show us the DOVE Aero line of products that prevent this from happening and answers questions from the ambassador community.