June 12, 2020

A Little Piece of Paradise

“…the moment I started with Burst Oral Care I could tell exactly the kind of company they were…”

I recently had to opportunity to visit my home town of Paradise California, which was all but completely destroyed by the worst fire in California state history on 8th November 2018.  I grew up there, and like so many others, the place we grow up often shares an incredible sentiment and special place in our hearts.  But for me Paradise was more than that, it was a community that surrounded me both during my brother and sister’s deaths, it was life, and beauty, and being outside, and love in ways I have never experienced before. It was in every sense, Home.   I knew that visiting Paradise after the fire and experiencing it first had would be an emotional day….

Indeed it was….. setting foot on my demolished childhood home, seeing the millions of trees charred and being cut down, seeing thousands of homes and businesses completely obliterated…. It was hard to even recognize things, but there was also something that could not be shown in photos or even told, only something you could experience by being there and it was a deep sense of hope.  Some of the hope was even starting to peek through, there was life and beauty coming up, different plants flourishing from the extra sunshine and fertile soil, there was help and work being done everywhere, and an outpouring of generosity all around.  I had the opportunity to visit a friend’s home that had miraculously made it through the fire, she had just moved back home, after 5 months of being away.

Upon visiting her we got to hear her family’s story, one of escape, not just for her but for generations of her family. We got to hear the beautiful story of how her little home was left standing when there was almost nothing else left around it and then she shared with me this, “Jenni, you know that toothbrush you highly recommend? The burst one?”  I already have one because after the fire they were giving those out for free!”

I honestly couldn’t believe it, yet I could very much believe it, because the moment I started with Burst oral care I could tell exactly the kind of company they were, the one that is generous and giving and putting people first.   When you have nothing besides the clothes on your back, literally nothing, not even a toothbrush, what does Burst do, they send toothbrushes!  The best possible toothbrushes!  I don’t know Brittney or Hamish the founders of Burst personally, but what they did for my friends and family was very personal.  They helped in a small way in a time of huge need. It’s a lot of small acts of kindness that make a difference.

On a day that was hard and sad, I felt myself some how being encouraged by an oral care company, one I am so thankful to be a part of.  It is like I realized I had found a little piece of home again.

-Jenni Goodlin RDH and BURST ambassador