April 14, 2021

Intro to the CBCT and How it Can Help Us All

Have you wondered why your dentist is always asking you to take that radiograph that “goes around your head?” It can be expensive if you don’t have insurance, so maybe you tell him no every time. It seems like they ask you for X-rays every time your there, so this one can’t be all that important!

In this segment of BURSTtv, Amy will explain the importance of cone beam computed tomography and how your dentist can use it to evaluate your oral health.

CBCT scans provide more information than your routine bitewing radiographs, allowing your dentist to precisely treatment plan your dental care.

You will learn most of the uses of a CBCT scan to include implant planning, wisdom teeth extraction planning, orthodontic care, discovery of pathology, and root canal treatment to name just a few.

For dental professionals, using a CBCT scanner is becoming standard of care. Understanding how to talk to your patient and giving value as to why they need one is key to treatment acceptance. For patients, watching this video can explain why your dentist may ask you to take this X-ray.

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