July 8, 2021

How to Prevent Gagging at the Dentist Office and at Home

For the average survey asking patients to name the things they dislike most about the dentist, a few of the answers would include cost, anxiety, fear of procedures, fear of needles, bad memories, and getting a lecture. Way down at the bottom of the list is something that dental professionals are constantly trying to help patients overcome. In fact, it’s so common that it’s most likely one of the top reasons why clinicians struggle to properly care for the people that are coming in for treatment.

In this segment of BURST tv, Rose and Michelle are chatting about the ole’ gag reflex. Taking impressions, taking X-rays, and retracting tongues with a mirror is definitely going to make some people start to feel their bodies induce that protective gag reflex. In most instances it’s mild but there are lots of people that gag with the mere thought of having their looked at.

Listen in as these two hygienists share some of their best tips and tricks on how to help patients that gag as well as some great recommendations from other dental professionals in our BURST community.