July 9, 2021

How and When to Whiten Your Teeth Before Getting Cosmetic Dental Work

Maintaining healthy, white teeth can definitely provide positive psychological benefits, and that’s why so many people opt for getting crowns and veneers. A “Hollywood Smile” is one of the most common dental requests but what about your natural teeth you aren’t treating with restorative work. Whitening products are awesome, there is some confusion around when patients should whiten their teeth prior to other cosmetic treatments.

Natural teeth absorb stains and change shade over time, however dental restorations are made to match the surrounding teeth and are not affected by whitening products. Generally speaking, if you want to get the BEST end results, you’ll need to plan carefully.

Dr. Shaun is here to discuss the teeth whitening options, which one he prefers, and how long you should wait after whitening to get other dental work completed.