April 22, 2019

Battery life of the traveling BURST toothbrush

Suppose you had this amazing trip planned and only a limited amount of space to pack your favorite things. One item you definitely wouldn’t want to go without would be your sonic action toothbrush. The comforts of home are reassuring when you are away from home and a clean mouth is important to your overall health and feeling good. However, there is one question that you might find yourself asking: how can I take this vital piece of equipment, along with all of its extra charging accessories, with the limited space I have?


BURST is the perfect solution for this dilemma, or any other situation where you don’t want to pack anything more than just your amazing toothbrush, or take up extra space! The BURST toothbrush offers at least a 4 week long battery life with every 1 hour charge. This allows for one to pack the charger away, out of sight, for a month at a time between every charge. There’s also no need to take it when you travel, unless you’re planning a round the world trip (I’m jealous). If you happen to have a BURST brush, check out the little cross below the row of setting buttons on the front of the toothbrush. It will blink upon shut off when your battery is getting down to around 20% life. This handy indicator means you can charge your brush soon – and you will never have to be without your favorite sonic action BURST with this nice warning system. Trust me though, since charging sessions happen so infrequently, you might actually forget where you put your charging cords!

When the blinking starts, simply grab the sleek charging base, stand you brush proudly in it, plug the base into the supplied wall plug, and then plug that into an outlet. You can also forget the wall plug and just plug the USB into any USB port. Hold up! Did I just say any USB port?! “That means I can charge my toothbrush with my computer?!” Yes, you can!

OK, ok, back to the battery facts – by placing the toothbrush on the charger, the cross will illuminate red and stay red until the toothbrush is fully charged. Once the red cross is no longer illuminated, the toothbrush is fully charged and ready for travel, or at least to boot its charging base sidekick back into hiding for another month or so.

So now that you have a solution to keeping the best oral care fully charged at home and abroad, go plan that trip and let us know where the wind takes you…


Contributed by Amanda Taylor, RDH and Senior BURST Ambassador