May 14, 2021

Awesome Foods That Reduce Inflammation

I’m sure you’ve all heard of inflammation, and we know that some types of inflammation are part of the healing process. But how can we keep chronic inflammation from breaking down our bodies over time? What foods should we be choosing to aid in the reduction of swelling?

In this segment of BURSTtv, Amy will briefly explain what inflammation is, what diseases it may cause, and foods we can eat to protect our health.

Any time our bodies do not recognize something we eat drink, or even inhale, it activates an immune response, which is most commonly inflammation. When we eat, we are choosing to either accelerate the disease process or slow it down. In this video you will learn the top 11 foods nutritionists recommend to aid your immune system in fighting off foreign invaders.

For dental professionals, recommending an anti-inflammatory diet may help some of our patients get on the road to better overall health.