August 27, 2020

Ask Dr. Shaun: What are these white spots on my teeth and how can we make them go away?

When teeth are exposed to acids from foods or bacteria, the minerals in the tooth begin to break down causing a temporary weakened state in the enamel. Essentially the tooth loses an important mineral rich layer and become porous. Under the right conditions, teeth can go back into a state of repair and remineralize too. However if left untreated or with continued exposure to damage, this condition can lead to more severe demineralization, cavities or other dental issues. Though it may sound scary, demineralization is a somewhat natural occurrence in the lifetime of a tooth.

When you use a whitening product, demineralized areas on the teeth tend to become more noticeable. Dr. Shaun is her to talk about these white spots, what you can do to prevent them and how your dentist might be able to help get rid of them.