July 17, 2021

Ask Dr Shaun: What advice do you have for people wanting to go into dentistry?

Dentistry can be an amazing career for those folks that want to get involved in healthcare. Dental professionals make a positive impact for their patients, spend most of their days providing care for others indoors, and earn a decent living working in a field that’s specific to a very valued part of the body.

However, like most job options, there are reasons why some may hesitate to go this route and just as many questions. How much will I make? How much debt will I take on? How long do I need to go to school and what level of stress will I endure from one day to the next? To help sort things out for those aspiring dentists, assistants, and hygienists, Dr. Shaun is here to provide some insight. Listen is as he gives his best tips for upcoming dental professionals.