July 14, 2021

Are Magic Erasers Safe For Your Teeth?

Just about everyone wants to have a nice bright smile and sometimes getting the best results may seem expensive so people are always looking for life hacks to whiter teeth on a budget. Enter the magic eraser trick that went viral recently on TikTok.

After Heather Dunn posted her video, there was quite a mix of opinions on her approach to teeth whitening. Dental professionals scolded her for using an abrasive on her teeth warning everyone about the potential damage meanwhile she assures everyone that she’s been doing this for about 2 years with no damage noted by her own dentist.

In this BURST tv segment, registered dental hygienist Charlotte discusses her initial reactions to this trend, digs a little deeper, and tries it out for herself.

*opinions expressed are her own and do not constitute professional advice. BURST assumes no responsibility for her opinions in this video.