September 20, 2021

An Interview with The Brown Toothfairy

August 22nd is National Toothfairy Day and we thought it would be fitting to have a chat with hygienist and author LT Butler, also know as “The Brown Toothfairy”. Think back to when you were a child reading a book about the first trip to the dentist. Chances are the main characters didn’t look like the ones featured in “Mila’s Big Day: First Dental Visit”. In 2019, The Cooperative Children’s Book Center released a survey about diversity in children’s and young adult books and found that of the 3,716 books surveyed, about 41% of the main characters were white and about 29% were animals.

You can imagine the lack of diversity just a couple decades ago. Thankfully times are changing and there are more books available to children of all races that allow them to see main characters that look like them. This is especially important when you are teaching little ones about situations that could potentially make them feel uncomfortable. Dental visits can be quite scary, and that’s why we love this interview with Mrs. Butler. In this BURST tv interview, she explains her purpose and motivation for writing children’s dental books and the impact it can have for families of all colors.

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