September 10, 2021

A Jaw Joint Discussion with a Dental Hygienist and Chiropractor Dr. Karen Gordon

The temporomandibular joint is by far one of the most complicated and important parts of the human body. This sliding hinge connects the lower jaw to the side of your head and without it, you wouldn’t be able to eat, speak, sing or chew gum. When things aren’t working correctly, a condition called TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction or disorder) occurs. This ailment can affect the muscles, teeth, ears, jaw and just about any other body part nearby. Although it’s hard to get exact numbers, some estimates suggest that over 10 million Americans are affected by this sometimes debilitating condition.

Dental professionals are perfectly positioned to help patients get diagnosed and treated for jaw joint problems…. and our guest for this segment of BURST tv saw a great opportunity to do even more for the many patients she saw suffering with TMD. She is a dental hygienist that furthered her career even more by becoming a doctor of chiropractic medicine.

  • Where to reach Dr. Karen Gordon:
    • karenanngordondc@icloud.com
    • IG: @thetmjtherapist