May 2, 2022

4 Reasons You Could Be Chipping Your Teeth

Broken teeth can cause quite a bit of emotional and physical strain. Not to mention, some draining of the ole’ bank account. Often, a chipped tooth is a direct result of an incident such as a blow to the face or an unfortunate face-plant onto the ground. In other instances, chipped teeth seem a bit mysterious. In a segment of BURST tv, Dr. Shaun answered a viewer’s question by reviewing the top four situations he sees with patients at his practice.

4 Causes for Chipped Teeth

  1. Clenching and/or Grinding
    • Typically, clenching and grinding happens at night while patients are sleeping but occasionally some will clench or grind during the day. Consistent clenching and/or grinding can wear the enamel away which will make the teeth more susceptible to chip. Unfortunately, most patients are unaware of their clenching or grinding. At times, they only become aware of this after a dental appointment where chipped teeth or wear facets are addressed. The number one treatment recommendation for clenching and/or grinding is a night guard.
  2. Lack of Vitamins and Minerals
    • Calcium and fluoride are the two main nutrients patients need in their diet for strong, healthy teeth. When there is a deficiency, the teeth are at higher risk for decay. Decay causes the teeth to weaken making them prone to chip.
  3. Chewing Hard Things
    • The most common items patients tend to chew on that they shouldn’t include: ice, hard candies, and finger nails. Over time, consistent chewing on items such as these can cause the teeth wear and chip.
  4. Misaligned Bite
    • In Dr. Shaun’s practice, he estimates that that the most common reason for chipped teeth is a misaligned bite. When teeth are misaligned the biting forces tend to be stronger on certain teeth while other teeth are not contributing. Over time, the teeth bearing the burden can become weak and chip. Dr. Shaun uses an iTero scanner to determine any misalignments and treatment plan for Invisalign. Correcting the bite through Invisalign treats the cause rather than treating the symptom, the chip.

In conclusion, while some causes of chipped teeth are preventable such as diet and habits, others are not such as a misaligned bite. If you are experiencing chipped teeth, it is important to consult with your dental provider to determine cause and treatment options.