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We want to help you change the lives of your patients for the better. Also, we want you to have fun doing it! Together, we’ll take on the world and bring sonic oral care to everyone! So, here’s to enjoying oral care life while you earn a little on the side and make lifelong friends. Let the a-team unite. Yeehaw!

Why did we start BURST?

BURST was born out of desire for change. The change required when an industry grows stale. We were tired of people being unable to afford the best oral care. Why should the best be restricted to so few?

We are passionate about oral care because we know it makes a difference to how you feel. We want people to be happy with their oral health, to be confident when they smile, so they can be whoever they want to be. You know those dreams you had when you were a child? We want them to come true.

BURST: A community that cares about you

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Care revolution

The BURST Ambassador community is made up of 1000s of individuals who are passionate about changing the lives of their patients through good oral care. It’s a wonderful fun-loving team. Yes, we’re a little bit crazy, but that’s because we’re having such a fantabulous time! So, come let your hair down and share in the joy of being part of a company that gives, to you and your patients.

Meet some of our burst ambassadors

Shelley Keiser Burst Ambassador
Shelley Keiser, RDH and BURST Ambassador

$9,357 commissions earned

Joined 2 years ago

Shelley Keiser

"I started as Burst Ambassador to provide my patients,family and friends with better oral care. I quickly realized that Burst is more than a toothbrush company. It is a community of highly skilled, motivated and genuine people who are driven to make a significant impact on oral health. This community, in which I now belong has exceeded all my expectations. Everyone is willing to help each other with anything from pictures , social media to recommending in the operators. Just ask a question and you will have many people ready and willing to help! I have met so many wonderful people throughout my Burst journey that I now call friends.I feel so fortunate to be part of the Burst family"

Nancy Tran Burst Ambassador
Nancy Tran, RDH and Senior BURST Ambassador

$49,822 commissions earned

Joined 2 years ago

Nancy Tran

"I love the togetherness & bond that we are able to share amongst each other as BURST Dental Professionals. We dedicate our career & passion to our patients; recommending and promoting better oral health. BURST not only allows us the opportunity to recommend at an affordable consumer price, but they also respect & acknowledge the profession that we are in. They encourage and motivate us to be better versions of ourselves... to help each other, build team relationships, and put a modern spin on what life should be about. FUN & FEARLESS. At the end of the day. I can always rely on the BURST community after a long day in the office. I have never been more motivated and confident when making BURST recommendations to just about anyone. I also enjoy helping other members of the BURST community when needed. It’s a true blessing to represent such a modest and strong hearted company. relationships, and put a modern spin on what life should be about."

Emma Morris Burst Ambassador
Emma Morris, RDH and BURST Ambassador

$10,510 commissions earned

Joined 2 years ago

Emma Morris

"lifelong friendships with fellow hygienists all over the country. And it all started only in late 2017 when I saw a product that I truly believed in and that I think can change the dental world. The first of my patients who I sold a brush to fell in love with it immediately. That's when I knew that I found my home in the dental world: BURST!"

About the

We’ve designed a new electric toothbrush from the ground up to create what we think is the best brush on the market. It’s tip top, the true King of the Swingers. But, even though it’s good enough for any jungle VIP, it wouldn’t be fair if it was only available to the few who can pay a premium. That’s why it’s as affordable as it is. We want everyone to benefit, not just King Louie!


With the highest vibrations on the market our rapidly vibrating brush head guarantees a deep clean every time.


Our tapered nylon bristles are like no other bristles in the market. They access around and in between each tooth better, leaving a better quality clean. The added non-abrasive, antimicrobial, binchotan charcoal gives each tooth that extra “WOW” factor.


The BURST brush is powered by a high-end lithium battery which gives you up to 4 weeks of battery life with just 1 hour’s charging.

Our Price

We don't know the exact costs of other brands (they’re always rising, lol, like a pond in wet weather!), but we do know that after they manufacture, they have to sell to a distributor who then sells it to a retailer who applies yet ANOTHER markup to get the product to you. On top of that, the company pays for large advertising campaigns so peeps can trek to the store to find their product. Even with all this taken into account, they still make a massive profit on selling the product to you.

We keep things a lot simpler. Firstly, BURST is very affordable - no 1200% mark ups here. Our brush is loved by Dental Professionals and they personally recommend their patients our brush, meaning we don’t need to advertise as much as others do. Also, rather than shipping to different stores and locations we just ship it straight to you. In the end we make nearly the same profit per brush as what we pay our ambassadors. And we're proud of that fact.

BURST Price for Patient $0
Other brands $0 - $0

The cost is far higher with other brands as they have to pay retailers, distributors, advertisers and then, they mark it up even further

BURST Price for Patient $0
Other brands $0 - $0

The cost is far higher with other brands as they have to pay retailers, distributors, advertisers and then, they mark it up even further.

Our Ambassador Program

When you become approved as a BURST ambassador (which, if you like the brush, I have no doubt you will!) you will get access to our unique app. Each ambassador has their own unique, super special discount code, accessible via this app. This app is used to recommend our products to patients via text, email or social media.

A patient will then check out on our BURST Oral Care website on their own computer or phone, and when they complete their purchase we ship the product to them and give commission credit to you.

We don't ask you to stock product, your job is to just recommend a toothbrush you believe in.

P.S. you can stock product in your office, if you wish. I know a few professionals who like to have a bunch of brushes at the ready as they know that sometimes when their patients want something, they want it pronto!

How The Program Works

Save your patients money by sending straight to you. You are our voice so we can save where others spend. That money goes to you.

Download App

Download our BURST app and sign up in less than a minute. It’s easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Try it out

Go ahead, give it a whirl. Try out our BURST brush and rate it for only $20 (refunded after your first recommendation).


Leave a review on the app to let us know you love it and think it would be a good fit for your patients.


Use the app to send an invitation to your patients. It’ll save them heaps and help you out too!

Earn Crowns

Earn crowns for every action with BURST. Each week, the crowns convert to a payout - the more active you are, the more you earn!


Ok, first things first. Although Crowns do sound like some fictional currency used to buy Pepsi and chips at a Game of Thrones convention, here at BURST they do, in fact, represent real, hold in your hand (or bank account) dollars.

This is how it works. As an Ambassador you’ll earn Crowns on anything from recommending a toothbrush to inviting a colleague to join BURST. You can even earn by posting about BURST on social media (I know, right, awesome!). It’s super simple and every Friday we’ll pay out a profit share of what you’ve earnt over the previous week for your marketing and promotional help.. We’ve only gone in for this Crown thing because, as BURST as a whole does better, your personal crowns are each worth more. Their value can go up, you say?! Of course! So, we needed to be banker (like my mum ALWAYS was in Monopoly) so we can make sure we give you more cash more often. Score!


Every time you successfully recommend a brush


For every replacement head we ship to patients


For every BURST Whitening Strip your patient orders

Here is a quick example of how much you could earn for your actions:

1 social media post to Facebook and 2 patients signing up in a week


You’ll earn between:

$22 - $26

Pretty easy huh?!

BURST Sonic Toothbrush Reviews

4.9 out of 5

6.3K Reviews


“BURST is an impressive product! Not only does it have the 2 minute timer and a great massaging technique but it has super soft charcoal bristles, a sleek design and is EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE!! I will happily be referring Burst to my patients from now on”

Jessica Registered Dental Hygienist BURST Ambassador

Member since 2016

BURST Sonic Toothbrush Reviews

4.9 out of 5

6.3K Reviews


“Hands down, this is the best brush I've ever used. In just a few weeks my teeth are noticeably whiter, and I haven't changed a thing in my routine except for using my BURST brush. I love how gentle it is, and that I can charge it just once a month. BURST fan for life!”

Ashley T. BURST Customer

Member since 2015

BURST Sonic Toothbrush Reviews

4.9 out of 5

6.3K Reviews


“This brush is fantastic!!! It cleans as good, if not better than the $200 brushes on the market! Finally, a high quality sonic brush that you don't need to take out a small loan to afford! This is the brush to have!!A fan, and a hygienist!”

Amanda Registered Dental Hygienist BURST Ambassador

Member since 2016

BURST Sonic Toothbrush Reviews

4.9 out of 5

6.3K Reviews

Great for sensitive recession.

“I have rather sensitive root recession. The bristles are so soft. I have had minimal sensitivity while brushing with the Burst brush! Much less than my "other" power brush on it's sensitivity setting.”

Keri Lowry BURST Customer

Member since 2017

BURST Sonic Toothbrush Reviews

4.9 out of 5

6.3K Reviews

I Can Hear And Feel The Bubbles Working!

“I have used a Braun Oral-B for years..... I absolutely LOVE this Burst toothbrush! I could feel & hear the bubbles working the plaque away! It made brushing fun! I liked the soft bristles and how they worked between all my teeth. I'm fully on board! Great brush for an affordable cost...much easier to recommend to my patients and see compliance. Thank you!”

Tonya Mata Registered Dental Hygienist BURST Ambassador

Member since 2017

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