On the BURST APP we verify if your are actually a dental professional. We give you a chance to try the brush for just $20 (over 70% off). Then if you like it from the app you can recommend to patients, family and friends and earn some money. And if you don’t like the BURST, we will give you your money back. WIN WIN

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No, nein, never! We do not require you to buy any inventory, nor will you be rewarded for building a team or recruiting (there is no ‘I’ in team, partner). Also, you do not earn any income from anyone who has joined the program from your invitation. You do earn cash for recommending though, as a thank you from us for spreading the BURST luv.
Nope, no inventory needed. All recommendations are done via the app and we’ll deal with faff of all the sticky tape and trips to the post office. It’s a good excuse for us to do some exercise and work off those breakfast burritos.
Because we are honest and we’re tired of people being full of baloney. Electric toothbrushes do not have to be super expensive. We’ve just removed the middleman and the markup to give everyone the sweet, sweet deal they deserve.
Getting the pre-BURST jitters? We get it! Why would anyone believe us when they are constantly let down by the big companies? Well, don’t just take our word for it, trust in the 25,000 dental professionals who have put their names behind us - we’re the real deal.
Oh yeah, ands it’s goooooood. Here it is →
Well, the ADA currently refuses to test any products containing charcoal. We’re just a bit ahead of the game. Like that dude who said the earth was round when everyone else thought it was a pancake and you could fall off the edges into nothingness… Ok, maybe not quite like that, but at the moment the ADA says we are not eligible for consideration due to our super duper soft bristles. It’s them, not us, promise!
BURST was founded in 2017 by a young dental obsessive named Hamish Khayat. Although Hamish is a real cool Scottish name (like Dougal!) he actually hails from London, England. He’s been making toothbrushes since he was 18 (yup, he was a cool kid). His first were for kids, which he perfected over a few years before moving into adult electrics. Making toothbrushes for kids was a great foundation for BURST, as it teaches you to be gentle and precise - you gotta get in touch with your sensitive side! Hamish spent a long time working with a host of Dental Professionals before releasing BURST’s first prototype. It was literally built from the ground up (it’s the first electric toothbrush to have a brush head built specifically to suit it). Over 70% of BURST’s staff are Dental Professionals - that is a bonkers statistic. So, don’t worry, your teeth are truly being cared for by the pro’s.
Not our nanoparticles - they are so teeeny tiny, they don’t cause damage to enamel or gum tissue. They just give you a super white clean. Also, our bristles have an RDA value of 86, which is akin to most sensitive toothpaste brands. They are so soft you could brush your eyelashes with them (just make sure they are toothpaste free). You’ll be as fluttery as the most flutterfull butterfly.
We’re a small company and sadly money doesn’t grow on trees (well certainly not in BURST-land). Anyway, you get your money back after your first sale, so it’s basically free for you anyway!
Yes! We’re all about inclusive - assistants, hygienists, dentists and dental students are all welcome to become ambassadors. It makes for one hell of a party.
Yes, yes, yes, because being young is cool! Assistants, hygienists, dentists and dental students are all welcome to become ambassadors.
Nothing - you can recommend when you want to, and that’s it. Putting pressure on you is not our thing. My brother once pressured me to shave my head and I ended up looking like a butterbean - not cool.
Yes (it’s pretty cool, we promise). All ambassador test brushes are ordered through the app and this is how you will make your recommendations. And, if that’s not enough, you can see how much money you earn on it!