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The little brush that could

The heartwarming story of a humble brush discovering its true potential as it seeks to make quality dental care available to all. Set in a landscape dominated by dinosaurs. Starring founders Hamish Khayat and Brittany Stewart. Contains mild peril and humour.

How do you make a brush that’s actually better than anything in the market - even those made by big name brands who have billions of dollars?

It seems hard to believe that something like this would be possible from a small tucked away office in Venice Beach, especially considering that we’re a slightly nerdy pair but not exactly your typical engineers.

We built a group of dental professionals online before we even launched. They gave us feedback on early prototypes. They gave us recommendations on features and pricing. They helped us pick out our packaging. They reviewed our manuals. We collaborated with the best, largest group of folks in dentistry, and with the help of talented designers, created the extraordinary BURST brush.

Then came the ambassadors...

We now have over 25,000 ambassadors in our community

...And our loyal fan base

MomStyle tries the Special Edition Rose Gold BURST Sonic Toothbrush

Mom Style * Collette Wixom & Chelsea Cannell

BURST Sonic Toothbrush UNBOXING + Review

BURST Rose Gold Sonic Toothbrush

BURST Sonic ToothBrush

Ambassador review of the Rose Gold

How we make our brush

With a whole lot of love, coffee, and fairy dust. Well, maybe not so much of the last one, but the first two...yeah, gallons of both!

In fact, all our products have a similar sort of process.

It goes something like this…

First off, Hamish and/or Brittany usually have a deep and intense experience. The light of a new oral care star rises. They become obsessed. They brainstorm late into the night. They sleep little…

Later, when they recover (and have breakfast), they take it to our incredible team of Dental Professionals. This is where the magic happens. Literally 1000’s of brains go into overdrive. Our messaging platforms go berserk. Every tiny detail gets picked apart by every pro worth their salt.

Chat Image Mobile

Then, after the Pros have spoken, Hamish is packed off to the factories to make dreams come true. Tasks are set and lights flash as 3d printers whirr and spin. In time, prototypes are made. Hamish comes home exhausted but satisfied. Cue more berserk messaging and testing and coffee drinking.

The whole experience is wonderfully intense and, when all is said and done, something emerges out of the madness which is truly amazing. Each product is a labour of love and it could not have any more professional input if we tried. As you can see, it’s one long ol’ road to glory but what it does mean is that our products really are the best in the business.

Top of the funky fresh line.


Rose gold brush Image

And behind it all, these guys

So what's next ?

To infinity and beyond!

Ok, so we may not be literally going galactic, but we’re sure going to aim for the stars when it comes to our new products. We will continue to expand our offering in order that we can provide a Total Oral care experience. We want your teeth to be treated like royalty. With the help of our free wheeling, forward thinking team of Dental Professionals, we’re sure that we’ve got some incredible pieces of kit coming to you soon.

May the fun long continue...

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