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Burst’s super absorbent bristles remove more stains than regular bristles. Fact.

Quadpacer timing

Reminds you to keep the brush moving around your mouth guaranteeing a perfect clean

Two minute timer

Now you know exactly how long dentists say you should brush for…

Powerful, long-lasting
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Burst’s incredible battery life means that a quick charge gives an amazing 4 weeks of brushing power.

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I have been using the burst tooth brush for two months now. I love the softness of the bristles and the wonderful smoothness of my teeth when done brushing. My mouth is staying very healthy. I was surprised that my teeth feel so clean when the bristles are so soft but they do! The best thing is the cost, it is so affordable. I can't wait to have it as an option for my patients home care needs!
– Mary Beth Wood, RDH Dental Hygienist
Thank you for the opportunity to evaluate the Burst toothbrush Hamish Khayat!!...The handle is comfortable and lightweight. I really like the super fine bristles on the brush, similar to the Nimbus or Colgate Sensitive toothbrush. The variety of speed and pulsing is a great feature..Love the brush and so far my preference is the pulsating setting. One suggestion may be to see if some kind of insulating sleeve (to help muffle the sound) might be able to be placed inside the handle...Love this brush, and so excited to be able to share it with patients!!!....Thank you for your dedication to Burst and this launch!!!..
– Pat Chapel Mattera, RDH Dental Hygienist